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Get Out Of Debt From Actions Committed By Others.



Hey Macon Georgia, have you ever heard of innocent spouse relief? If you are married to someone and you file a joint tax return, both parties are legally liable to pay back any debt even if they later divorce. Our tax prep business can help you with an unfortunate separation.



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From the Internal Revenue Services standpoint, both you and your spouse or legally responsible for the whole tax liability. So if you are married and filing a joint return, you and your spouse are both equally responsible to pay back taxes or even fines even after you separate.


If you find yourself in an unfortunate situation where you separate from your spouse, you are both still jointly responsible for tax responsibilities that you incurred during your marriage.


Local Plans That Assist You With Separation of Liability and Equitable Relief.






What is innocent spouse relief service, we could help provide you with relief from additional taxes that you may be responsible for due to your spouse failing to report income or filing taxes improperly? Our tax services will help you in your time of need.
To seek innocent spouse relief, our accounting business will help you fill out the proper IRS forms and submit them to the proper authorities.


Form:  Form 8857





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