Tax Preparation Services In Terra Cotta Georgia.



The Nearest Tax Prep Place By Terra Cotta GA.



Dealing with getting your taxes done and accounting is the specialty of CLS Accounting LLC. Our highly trained and certified accountants can help you reach your goals all while providing the best services possible.

We have plans for both businesses and individuals. We understand that a company might have different needs than an individual so we craft our financial services carefully all while keeping the best interest of the customer in mind.




Need To Come To Us, Here’s How:

  1. Head north on Mead Rd toward Broadway
  2. Take Eisenhower Pkwy to Log Cabin Dr
  3. Turn right onto Broadway
  4. Turn left onto Eisenhower Pkwy
  5. Continue on Log Cabin Dr. Take Presidential Pkwy and Billy Williamson Dr to Mercer University Dr
  6. Turn right onto Log Cabin Dr
  7. Turn left onto Presidential Pkwy
  8. Turn right onto Billy Williamson Dr
  9. Turn right onto Columbus Rd/State Rte 22 Con
  10. Turn right onto Mercer University Dr
  11. CLS Accounting LLC Macon, GA tax prep place is on the right




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CLS Accounting LLC
4380 Mercer University Drive
United States
Longitude: 32.8253299
Latitude: -83.7109883
Business Hours:
Monday – Friday 9:00am to 6:00pm
Saturday 10:00am – 3:00pm
Phone: 478-757-1910
Fax: 866-789-1113