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I Want To Check The Status Of My Georgia Tax Return?




Where is my Georgia State Tax Refund? Did you recently file in Macon, Georgia and you’re waiting on your federal and state refunds, you could use this website to check on the status of your returns. After filing your return in Georgia, it usually takes a few weeks to get your money back. If you have had your taxes prepared by us, thank you for your support and business.


Still haven’t filed your taxes with the Internal Revenue Service, we have a great tax prep service that is just for you and your financial needs. We know where can i file my taxes in Macon Georgia?


How long does it take to get my Georgia tax refund?


E-Filing: 1-3 Weeks

Paper Processing: 8-12 Weeks



CLS Accounting LLC is a highly rated accounting firm located in Macon Georgia. We have created this site as a resource for people to check on the status of federal and state tax returns. We understand that Georgia taxpayers need a free and easy resource that tells them when they get their money back. So if you filed your federal state or even small business taxes in the last year, we are happy to help you check on the status of your returns. You can even contact the Georgia IRS.


You can track your refund from our website easily with no strings attached and no fees apply. If you are waiting on the Georgia tax center or department of revenue for your refund status, you might have to wait a while. During the prior year, many filers became worried about past issues such as government shutdowns buy this year the process seems to be going smoothly.

Even if you have used tax software for online tax prep, the same rules of tracking your return apply.


Who do I call to find out about my state and federal return?


Georgia State Tax Refund Status Information

1-877-423-6711 Option #2



You can either check the Georgia tax center or the department of revenue for when your check or direct deposit comes. You can call CLS Accounting LLC if you need any advice such as:


“Where Is My Refund Money?”


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What Information Do I Need To Check On My Federal Tax Return?


Numbers You Will Need:

  1. Social Security Number or Your IRS Taxpayer Identification Number

Your Filing Status:

  1. Single
  2. Married-Filing Joint Return
  3. Married-Filing Separate Return
  4. Head of Household
  5. Qualifying Widow(er)


Your Refund Amount:

  1. Exact Whole Dollar Amount