The federal government will start processing Macon Georgia returns and your money will not be delayed.




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2018 Income Tax Refunds Will Be Processed


President Donald Trump can congress has shut down the US government as a result of partisan disputes. There are many federal workers that have to work without pay, and many people wondering if the 2018 tax returns will be delayed.


According to – Your tax returns will still be delivered, you will still get your tax money regardless of the shutdown.






Mid January Is Here – The Start Tax Season


Starting on January 28, 2019, IRS workers can start processing your w-2’s and begin accepting tax returns. The tax filing season is here so do not delay just in case there is no contingency plan or a change of events.


Processing tax returns do not seem to be currently affected by the shutdown, buy file taxes as soon as possible just incase of a change of events.



Is The IRS Affected? Internal Revenue workers are all affected by this issue, but your w-2’s are still on schedule to be processed.



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